About Us:

TheJaiHind.com (a unit of Vishwa guru media networks) is a news and current affairs website. We publish opinion articles and analysis of issues of national and international importance, based on information gathered from various credible sources as well as original reporting. We also try to bring forward the ethos of Indian culture through our various pieces on History, art and culture, temple architecture, Ayurveda, etc. We are also aimed at making available, in the public domain, the wrongs that have been done in the past to the Indian citizens in general.

Team Jai Hind:

The Jai hind [dot] com was conceptualized and launched in June 2020, by Ankur Agarwal. Quickly the team was expanded to include authors that come from all walks of life whose names are visible right below each piece published on the website.

Way Forward:

If you want to support us, if you want to write for us, if you want to appreciate us, if you want to know more about us, if you have suggestions and feedbacks for us, contact us.

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